Coca plant transplant

Coca plant transplant

So, our coca bush seedlings have sprouted and reached the age of three months. It’s time to plant them in separate pots. It’s best to start in a small pot, wait until the plant is rooted and doing well, then you can repot it in a larger pot. But don’t keep coca in a small pot for too long, as this can stunt growth and cause the roots to absorb moisture quickly, which in turn will cause the soil to dry out.

The process of constantly transplanting from a small pot to a larger one is very important, especially in the initial stages of plant growth, when it is very sensitive to lack of moisture, as well as to its excess. If a small plant is immediately planted in a large pot, then the bush will not use all the moisture that will be in the soil, this can lead to an excess of moisture, and this will at least slow down growth, if not kill your bush. As you can see, the plant/pot size ratio is very important for good growth. It is best to start with 0.5 liters. pot, dimensions of about 8X8X8 cm, then transplanted into a pot, with a volume of 1 liter, with dimensions of about 10X10X10 cm, then we take 3 liters, then 7 liters and so on.

Ultimately, an adult plant should be over 30-50 liters, this should be enough for a large bush. Coca bushes prefer taller pots than wide pots because their root system likes to go deeper, keep this in mind when selecting pots. Immediately after transplanting into a new pot, it is necessary to lightly compact the soil so that the bush holds well and does not fall in the wind. Pots with a volume of more than 50 liters. inconvenient to carry and too heavy, so we do not recommend their use. To protect the roots of the plant from possible injury, we strongly recommend using high quality plastic pots that will not deform or break if dropped or hit with something.

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